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So, You'd Like to Be a Foster Parent

What better way to support the lost and left behind companion pets of North Florida than to give them a loving environment while they wait to become fully adoption ready?

Thanks to ASPCA, the melancholy notes of Sarah McLachlin resonates with so many of us still to this day.  A safe, loving environment does wonders for companion animals that come in for those heart wrenching reasons.  A foster family can quite literally give the companion a new start a life by introducing them to other companion pets, children and adults.  You provide your time, they provide the cuddles - we call that a win, win.

How To Prepare

Fostering is a simple process that requires you to fill out the online application and make an appointment.  You do need to live within the county we are servicing.  It’s as simple as that.  At the appointment, we’ll ask you a few questions, go over animal welfare information and then introduce you to all of the available foster companions.  We like to note that it extremely beneficial for kittens to go in pairs; it gives them someone to play with and makes them able to acclimate to their new environment a bit faster than they would on their own.  For puppies, bonded pairs should go together – we do everything we can to ensure that happens – but for the most part one is just fine.

To recap, here are the guidelines in order to foster

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Have all personal animals up to date on vaccines and be spay/neutered 

  • Live within Columbia County 

Next Steps

You’ve taken your new companion home! What next?  Our foster coordinator, Stacey, will be reaching out to you once or twice a month to see how things are going as well as remind you of any upcoming appointments.  You can expect to keep your companion for a few weeks while they get big enough to be spayed/neutered.  Once they are, they are considered adoption ready and are now available to the public to come in and adopt.  Stacy will work with you on bringing your companion to potential foster appointments unless of course you’ve fallen in love and want to adopt them yourself!  The best kind of failure is a foster failure that ends in adoption ❤️

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