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Our animal services department takes pride in aiding the lost & left behind companion animals of Columbia County each and every day. From taking in stray animals to providing resources to pet owners, we look forward to saving lives, one animal at a time. 

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What Happens to
Stray Animals?

When we intake a companion animal, we ensure it is fully vaccinated, as age-appropriate, check for a microchip, and begin a three-day ‘stray hold’ where we evaluate the animal for any medical or behavioral issues.  After those three days, if no owners have come to claim the companion, we place them on the spay/neuter schedule and work to find a foster or adoptive home.

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What Happens to
Owned Animals?

Owned animals that come into our facility get vaccinated just like any other. We then scan them for a microchip and contact the owners immediately upon finding a chip. We ask that the owners provide proof of rabies vaccination and if they are unable to provide, we place them on the schedule to get the rabies vaccination, at the cost to the owner.

Please note that our Return to Owner process has a fee schedule attached. A $20 Daily Boarding Fee,
a $20 Intake Fee, in addition to a $15 Rabies Vaccination (if proof of vaccination cannot be provided).

Service Fees

Animal Services Quick Links

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