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Our animal services department cares greatly about the homeless companion animals in our community. Often, these are missing or abandoned animals in need of intervention. Our team has compiled various resources to assist with any information you may need.

When to Call

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Aggressive Animals

We take aggressive animals very seriously.  Do not try to contain the animal, instead, contact our animal services department.  Any bitten individuals or animals need to be reported as soon as possible. 

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Dogs Running Loose

Even if you know there is an owner, it is important that we make contact with the owners to educate them on properly containing their pet.  The last thing we want to see is a pet hit by a car.


Owners of roaming animals are subject to citations and fines, dependent on the number of occurrences and complaints. 

Abandoned/Stray Animals 

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If you know the animal was left behind, please contact us or bring it in to our department. If you have information on the person responsible, we have documentation for you to fill out in order to help us prosecute.  


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For kitten litters, in most cases, the mom isn’t far away; she is hiding to protect her babies. If she does not return in a few hours, please call our animal services department.

Don't Kitnap!

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If you see a dog or cat running loose, please bring it into our facility.  We can scan it for a microchip and try to find owners.  If no owners are found, we will place them in our adoption program.  


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Borrowing Traps

Animal traps can be very helpful. If there is ever a situation in which you need, we have them available for you to borrow. We do however require a deposit of $75 for cat traps and $250 for dog traps.

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Community Cat

Our feral cat spay/neuter program will give a rabies/distemper vaccination and do an ear tip during surgery before the cat is released back to their colony. The clipped ear will make them easily identifiable as spayed or neutered cats. They can live out their lives happily without reproducing. The feral cats that pass temperament testing would be eligible for adoption.

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Deceased Animals

Animal Protection is unable to transport deceased animals; the county must be notified. In most instances, the animal control officer will determine if the animal is deceased and then report it to the county. If you see a deceased animal after hours, please contact:


City Streets: Public Works at (386) 758-5400


City Main Roads: DOT at (386) 758-3700


County Roads: Landfill at (386) 752-6050

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Contact Animal

Open: Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm


Phone: (386) 752-4702




Unsure to call, please call anyway.

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