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Interested in Fostering?

Saving Lives. One Foster at a Time.

LCHS Animal Services intakes approximately 5,000 homeless animals every year. With kennel space being limited, we rely heavily on citizens to open their hearts and homes to these animals, providing them love and shelter while they wait for their "forever homes. There are two kinds of Fostering, “Fostering to Adopt” and “Foster Caregiver.”  For both programs, there are a number of resources to help you through the process.  Feel free to give the Adoption Center a call to speak with our foster coordinator. 

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Foster to Adopt

Since we require that every animal we adopt is spay or neutered before completing the process, we have a program that is called Foster to Adopt. In this scenario, we will allow the prospective adopters to take their new fur friend home to be loved while they await their spay/neuter appointment. After the appointment is complete, the new owners may then complete the adoption application.

Foster to Adopt is only available to Columbia County residents.

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Foster Caregiver

These are the special individuals who open their homes to fur friends who need a soft, quiet space to land while they wait to find their furever home. We like to think of these families as best friends who are helping the companion animals find their families. A Foster Caregiver can expect to have their fur friend for a few weeks to a few months. 

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Become A
Foster Family

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