Our animal services department cares greatly about the companion animals in our community. We realize that even animals in loving homes need support too. Our team has compiled various resources to assist with anything you may need.

Lost Pet?

Things happen. Animals can get out and get lost. If your companion animal is missing, it’s possible that they may have made it to us. We have all of the Lost Animals that are currently under our care listed here on our website. If you look and cannot find your lost pet, we have a form that you can fill out so that we can contact you if we happen to find them first

Pet food
& Litter Bank

Situations change and from time to time everyone needs a helping hand. For families in financial hardships, we offer a food & litter bank to temporarily assist you with caring for your companion animal until you are back on your feet. 


When disaster strikes, the same rules that apply to people apply to pets: Preparation makes all the difference, and if it's not safe for you, it's not safe for them. Take a few minutes to make a plan to ensure maximum safety.


Here are some resources to help.


For more specific help with your disaster plan, please check out The Humane Society of the United States


Do you need to find a new home for your pet?

The decision to find a new home for your pet can be challenging. To help with finding a good new home, we have compiled some resources below.

Here are some good resources to assist with finding a good home for your pet:

On these websites, you can make a profile for your pet, and people interested in adopting him/her can send you adoption inquiries:


For military members in need of a temporary home for their pets, please contact Dogs on Deployment.

Facebook can also be a great resource. There are several rehoming groups. Members of these groups would be able to see a rehoming post and send you adoption inquiries. The groups are:

  • Official Florida Pets! Adopt, Rehome or Foster

  • Florida Pets Free, Adopt, Rehome

  • Swip Swap Gainesville, FL

  • All Animals of Florida-Rehoming

  • Pet Rehoming Gainesville and Surrounding Areas

Owner Surrender

We know that times can get tough and that you may need to surrender your animal.


Surrendering your pet is the last thing that any of us want to do, but it’s sometimes necessary for the animal’s well-being. Our staff is here to make this difficult transition easier for both you and your animal.

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Lake City Humane Society, a private nonprofit organization, was formed in late 1964 to address animal welfare issues in our community. There was no animal shelter, and little attention was paid to the hundreds, if not thousands of animals that were picked up off the streets and killed if no one came to claim them.One city employee – the “dog catcher” was hired to catch and dispose of stray and unclaimed dogs in our area.

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