Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! The volunteer program at Lake City Humane Society is vital to our operation, and our volunteers are making an impact in many areas. Today, volunteers assist in the care of dogs and cats housed in our shelter, help place them in loving homes, and provide support for administrative functions & other shelter programs.


If you love animals, becoming a volunteer at your local shelter is definitely something you should consider. You will be making a difference not only to the animals that reside there but to the shelter and to your community. Words can’t adequately describe the rewarding feeling you get from helping these beautiful four-legged souls that are without a family to love and care for them.


There are a variety of tasks assigned to volunteers; some include working with the animals, some do not. You can walk dogs, socialize cats, clean cages, help with feeding, watering and grooming, do adoption counseling, or administrative tasks. Some volunteers choose more than one “job” so they can contribute wherever help is needed most.


We here at LCHS are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help us with our day to day tasks. Please feel free to stop in and ask questions anytime about becoming a volunteer!


▪  Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older

▪  Must be able to commit to a weekly schedule

▪  Must be mature, dependable, and able to follow instructions

▪  Must be able to physically handle animals that weigh at least 35lbs

▪  Must be able to work independently

▪  Must be able to bend, squat, and kneel with no issue

▪  Must have reliable transportation

▪  Must have regular access to email and the internet


If you are looking to complete court-ordered community service, this is not the correct application and process. Please call our Animal Services side @ 386-752-4702 option # 1 to inquire about proper procedure on community service.


Parents with children under 16 can contact us to find out about ways younger children can help the shelter.


We rely on our wonderful adult & student volunteers to help with many aspects of our shelter operations and we could not do all the good things we do without them. All volunteers are required to commit to a regular schedule.


For Students: Scheduling is for the duration of the semester. Successful student volunteers are mature, dependable, ambitious, able to follow instructions and able to work independently on assigned tasks. Does this sound like you? Then follow the steps below to apply.


For Non-Students:

  • Select a volunteer shift you would like to participate in. Once you fill out the registration page and click submit this will be considered your volunteer application. You will sign the waiver during your volunteer interview.

  • Complete a volunteer interview. After reviewing your volunteer application, our volunteer coordinator will contact you to make arrangements to complete the volunteer interview. The interview is designed to learn more about you and to discuss the program to determine if it's the right fit for your volunteer involvement in the community.

  • Attend New Volunteer Orientation. Following your volunteer interview, you may be offered a volunteer position with our shelter & will be scheduled for our Level 1 Volunteer Orientation. Orientations occur multiple times throughout the month to fit a variety of schedules.



All volunteers begin at Level 1 and as a "Shelter Support Volunteer." Volunteers at this level participate with:

  • Cleaning Kennels

  • Feeding Animals

  • Laundry & Dishes

  • Assist Customers with Adoption

  • Kennel & Shelter Upkeep


Interested in dog behavior? Playgroup volunteers get the opportunity to manage groups of dogs playing for their socialization, physical exercise, and enrichment. Playgroups are fun, interesting, and most importantly, the help our dogs stay relaxed and improve their adoptability. Volunteers can begin participating with Playgroups at Level II in a supportive role and move into more prominent roles with hands-on training with staff.


After completing at least 1 month of Level 1 & receiving additional training, volunteers have the opportunity to work with shelter dogs in the adoption area. Volunteers in this role participate with:


  • Dog Walking

  • Dog Enrichment

  • Bathing

  • Dog Socialization

  • Field Trips & Special Events (taking dogs on outings!)

  • Playgroup Assistants


After completing at least 1 month of Level 1 & receiving additional training, volunteers looking to work with animals of thefeline variety will get to participate with:


  • Kitty Cuddling & Socialization

  • Cat Enrichment

  • Kitty Kennel Caretaking

  • Match-Making and Adoption Help

  • Special Events (taking cats out to events in the community!)


Want to help out, but can't make a regular weekly commitment? Consider becoming one of our Special Events Volunteers. As a Special Events Volunteer, you'll get to:


  • Participate in Adoption Outreach Booths throughout the Community

  • Participate in special event and fund-raising activities such as:

    • Adopt-A-Thons

    • Tails and Trails - 5k, 10k, and 1-mile fun runs (annually)

    • Low-Cost Rabies & Microchip Clinics

    • Community Outreach and Humane Education Outings


The Vet Team Volunteer program was designed for pre-veterinary students and other individuals with an interest in the veterinary profession. The goal is to allow hands-on experience in the animal field. As a Vet Team Volunteer, you will get to assist our team with our in-house medical needs. Primary duties include:


  • Daily injections

  • Heartworm Test / Parvo Test / Other snap tests needed

  • Assisting with patient preparation for and recovery from surgery

  • Other duties may include assisting with animal exams, diagnostics, and treatments

  • Due to the nature of shelter medicine, the exact activities will vary by season


Do you have a DSLR camera, a good eye for photos, and a lot ofpatience? Studies have shown that a great picture on our website can be the key to getting a pet adopted. As an Animal Photographer, you will get to:


  • Take awesome animal photos with your own DSLR camera

  • Upload photos to our database for posting on our website


Do you want to make a big impact but don't have time to commit weekly? Consider becoming a foster parent. For more information about our Foster Program, click the button below.

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