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We're Glad You're Here!

We are so excited to help you find your newest companion, whether they be permanent or through our foster care program. Making the decision to welcome a new pet into your home is a big step and we thank you for not taking it lightly. Information on this page will help guide you in your decision to foster or adopt and, as always, we welcome your questions.

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Finding Your
Furever Friend

When you come into the Lake City Humane Society looking to adopt a pet, you are encouraged to walk through our adoption areas to find a pet that you think fits your personality and lifestyle. One of our friendly adoption staff will be with you to guide you on the characteristics and disposition of each companion. It is our goal to find the best fit for both the animal and your family. LCHS always encourages meet and greets with the prospective new furever friend and your whole family - ask us about Meet and Greets today

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Adoptions -Taking Care img.jpg

Kennel space is limited but the needs of our community are not. We rely heavily on citizens to open their hearts and homes to animals, providing them love and shelter while they wait for their furever homes, so that we may help the next animal in need. There are two kinds of Fostering, “Fostering to Adopt” and “Foster Caregiver.”

Taking Care of
Those in Need

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Adoptions - Rescues.jpg

Our facility works to find a path for each and every animal that comes through our doors.  Everyone is familiar with fostering and adoption but not very many people know we also work with rescue organizations.  These organizations come to our facility and take dogs or cats, sometimes both, back to their own facility to find adoptive homes there.  Some rescues take specific breeds, some take our elderly friends and every one of them helps us save lives each day.  If you look at our numbers each month, you’ll see that rescue is imperative to driving our organization’s mission and our goal to one day become a No-Kill Shelter.

Rescues & LCHS

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