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Lake City Humane Society is made up of dedicated staff who will always try to go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the best care for the animals. Along with a constant fellowship of volunteers and help from the community, the Lake City Humane Society has been able to care for over 5,000 animals each year. Striving to find everyone a home, the staff will do whatever it takes to make ensure every animal is cared for and as many that are able to find their forever homes. Lake City Humane Society has spent many years making connections with local and far off rescues to help the animals who are in the most need.

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Assist the at-risk companion animals in Columbia County through sheltering, adoption, sterilization and community outreach and education. We do this by:

  1. Acting as an advocate on behalf of animals in crisis and as an enforcer of their rights and protection;

  2. Reducing the number of unwanted animals through an aggressive spay/neuter program;

  3. Providing for the well-being of companion animals in need while adhering to a no-kill philosophy and to find each a lifelong, loving home;

  4. Offering affordable wellness services and resources to pets and owners in need, targeting underserved communities, to support whole-life care; and

  5. Promoting the animal-human bond through outreach and education.

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To become the leading animal advocate in Florida creating a community in which all animals are free from abuse, hunger, fear, loneliness and to eliminate the need to euthanize dogs and cats as a means of population control.


To become Columbia County’s primary facility for pet adoption, to be considered a reliable, credible resource to address any animal issue and through education and best practices end animal suffering, homelessness, and needless euthanasia.


Educate yourself! Educate others! We offer as much information as is needed for anyone who is willing to learn about basic animal care and the do’s and don’t’s of public animals. We encourage everyone to stop into the shelter and find out what it is we do on a day to day and what can we recommend to the public for animal welfare.

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