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By our estimates, there are approximately 11,250 feral cats in Columbia County.

Our feral cat spay/neuter program will give a rabies/distemper vaccination and do an ear tip during surgery before the cat is released back to their colony. The clipped ear will make them easily identifiable as spayed or neutered cats. They can live out their lives happily without reproducing. The feral cats that pass temperament testing would be eligible for adoption. Research has shown this is by far the best and most humane approach to de-escalate a feral cat population. Research also proves that Euthanasia for a method of population control DOES NOT work. By starting with the large cat colonies that we have identified in the county, we can start to reduce the number of feral cats that populate and begin to reduce the total number of cats that roam our county now and the future. You can assist us by sponsoring cats spay/neuter surgery - Each cat costs us approximately $40. Click the donate button TODAY and please, be as generous as possible. Euthanasia free by 2025!

Feral / Community Cat Program Pricing

Pricing is based on zero grants awarded for our Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program throughout the year. If grants are awarded, prices will be reduced accordingly.

Males ‒ $35.00

Females  ‒ $45.00

Includes surgery, Rabies vaccine, Felocel 4 vaccine (FVR, Calici, Distemper, Chlymidia) and ear tip.

For additional information please contact our clinic!