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New Year, New You: A Community Mentality


Choosing a new year resolution or word of the year can be quite an involved task. Where do you see yourself a year from now; who do you want to be? Questions that, when asking yourself, we hope you are considering your community involvement. How do you want to give back to your local community and what speaks to you in doing so?

Perhaps you have companion animals, had a pet growing up that meant the world to you, or one day hope to welcome one into your home. In any case, the companions that rely on the Lake City Humane Society could most certainly benefit from your new year resolutions.

How Can I Help?

Well, we are so glad you asked. There are a myriad of ways in which you can support your community and the companion animals within. Donating is typically what comes to mind for most, and it is so very important as we rely heavily on them, but volunteering, educating the community on our mission and fostering animals in need all play a vital role in the smooth operation of our facility.

Fostering makes one of the largest impacts because it affords us the ability to create a space to help the next animal in need – which is never ending. We’re able to hear from the foster family how the companion gets along with other animals, family members and children which further our ability to get that companion adopted. They’ve even been known to send photos and adorable bios on their animals. The enrichment they receive and simply just being able to live in a home environment is priceless in their path to adoption as well. Our foster families are heroes in what they do, without them, we would be severely limited on the number of animals we are able to help.

Volunteering at the shelter can be of great benefit to you in your quest to give back. While it’s not a full-time commitment as fostering is, the facility feels tremendous impact of your dedication. The sheer number of kennels to be cleaned, blankets to be washed and mouths to be fed is daunting to the best of our staff. Once you throw in needing to walk the dogs, play with the cats, check medical needs, groom them all and all of the miscellaneous tasks that come with having an animal, it makes for a full day for our 25 staff members. There is always a task to be done and always a need for a helping hand.

We understand that life is a busy, messy ride and sometimes fostering or volunteering just isn’t in the cards. Should that stop you from making an impact? Absolutely not. You’d be surprised what a $5 monthly donation can do, how far it can reach. We’re also always in need of cleaning supplies such as bleach, dawn dish soap and laundry detergent. So whether you set up a monthly donation (by texting DONOR to 435-06 and clicking the link) or add an extra blanket, heating pad or cleaning product to your shopping list, that’s one more item, one more dollar to help one more animal. We’re saving lives, one animal at a time, one donation at a time.

We hope that in your travels and discussions we can count on you to extend our voice. To educate those who are not aware of the service we offer to our community and the dedication we have to our companion animals. Whether you let a neighbor know about our exceptional service, low-cost clinic or mention our mission to your friend group, we are so thankful for your words of love. Join us on our journey through 2021 and all the exciting developments we have in store.

To sign up for monthly donations:

To volunteer: 386.296.9783

To foster: 386.752.3191, option 2

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