Our spay/neuter clinic provides a low-cost procedure for Columbia County residents who are on subsistence or can prove they meet the standard of below or at the poverty level. We offer vaccinations for an additional charge when the pet is being sterilized. Please contact the Lake City Humane Society Clinic for more information.



Additional fees may apply for cryptorchid (undescended testicle), pregnant, or females in heat.  Prices may be reduced if Grants are received for financial assistance.

Surgery is by appointment only. A cancellation fee of $25 will be assessed for cancellations within 24 hours of the date of appointment.


Prices are subject to change without notification. Surgery price includes Pre-Operative Exam, Anesthesia, Administered Pain Medication Injection, and Antibiotics Injection. Prices do not include e-collars or take-home pain medication. Additional charges may apply.

Prices subject to change without notice. Physical exam and Bio hazard disposal fee required for most services.

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Lake City Humane Society, a private nonprofit organization, was formed in late 1964 to address animal welfare issues in our community. There was no animal shelter, and little attention was paid to the hundreds, if not thousands of animals that were picked up off the streets and killed if no one came to claim them.One city employee – the “dog catcher” was hired to catch and dispose of stray and unclaimed dogs in our area.

Lake City Humane Society Provides Animal Services and Pet Adoptions for Columbia County, Florida

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