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LCHS Announces Plans for "Zipp Starr Dog Park"

LCHS announces the soon to be addition of LCHS campus – a new dog park named in honor of Dr. Celia Martin and Martin Orthodontics.

Lake City – February 14, 2021 – The Lake City Humane Society is shouting from the rooftops about their plans for an approximate 6-acre dog park in Columbia County. "This has been quite a long time coming and I am so very excited to announce that it is finally, officially happening," says Community Development Manager, Jordan Regar, "Thanks to Dr. Celia Martin and Martin Orthodontics, who heard us voice our dream and vowed to help make it a reality, we are now able to move forward with a projected completion by Summer 2021.”

The “Zipp Starr Dog Park”, named for Dr. Martin’s rescued companions, will feature both a large and small fenced dog park, each separate with their own water features, washing stations and double gate entry system. There will also be walking trails, a memorial area to picnic and a training facility. The Zipp Star Dog Park will be located across from LCHS main campus at 1392 NW Shelter Glen in Lake City, Florida. Construction has already begun with site clearing provided by the City of Lake City’s Public Works department.

While initial funding is secured, thanks again to Dr. Martin and Martin Orthodontics, LCHS is still looking to raise approximately $150,000. If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to this exciting new attraction, please contact us today or go online:

The Lake City Humane Society is a full-service humane society, serving the community’s needs through the adoption center, veterinary clinic, animal services departments and most recently, the thrift store. Comprised of dedicated staff of twenty-six who always goes above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the best care for the animals, along with a constant fellowship of volunteers and help from the community, the Lake City Humane Society has been able to care for over 5,000 animals each year.

### Lake City Humane Society stands by our singular mission: Assist the at-risk companion animals in Columbia County through sheltering, adoption, sterilization and community outreach and education. For More Information Visit

02_14_21 LCHS Announces the Zipp Star Do
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