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How can I help if I don't have a lot of time to help volunteer? This is the number one question asked by our local community.


Well here is your answer... Donate.

How can you donate? EASY...... 

Our Amazon Wish List has an extensive number of items that are used here everyday to help ensure the safety and care for our animals.

Remember, shopping off of our Amazon Wish List is as easy as it comes, but it also helps to give you an idea of precisely what our shelter needs. If you see something on the list you have at home, and you are not using it, we will take it!!! We LOVE hand me downs!!! 

There are several household items our shelter can ALWAYS use. Check out the Wish List to see what items you may have at home to send to us.

 ***Reminder the Amazon Wish list is to be used for shopping and/or for suggestions on things we need. These items do NOT have to come from Amazon.***

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