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             Have you lost your pet?


Have you been to the Animal Control shelter to look for it? If the answer is no...........WHY NOT? Last year we sheltered more than 6,500 homeless or lost pets. Animal Control’s responsibility is to protect the public from stray animals and to provide a safe haven for those taken into our care. It is NOT Animal Control’s responsibility to find the owner once the animal is sheltered. The responsibility for finding the lost pet lies with the owner. If your pet is missing, it is your responsibility and imperative to visit the shelter IMMEDIATELY to look for the pet and to continue your visits until it is found. A phone call is not likely to reunite you with your pet. Many times your description of the animal is different from the description entered into our system by Animal Control and the animal could easily be overlooked. The only way to be 100% sure that your pet is not (or hopefully is) at the shelter is to personally come and look. If your pet is not wearing ID or has not been microchipped, you should not expect to find your pet without physically looking. Even with some form of ID, it is still important you make the effort of looking. Last year only 273 of the thousands sheltered were reunited with their rightful owners. Law only requires Animal Control to hold stray / lost animals for 3 business days, which emphasizes the importance of making IMMEDIATE efforts to find your pet. After 3 business days the pet becomes the property of the Lake City Humane Society Animal Control Division.  Once the pet becomes lawfully owned by Animal Control the Adoption Center will assess it for adoptability. If it passes it could be picked for adoption or picked for rescue.  If it does not pass or if not picked for rescue/adoption for other reasons it will be euthanized. We thank you for being a responsible pet owner.


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Animal Control Hours

Monday- Friday

10am - 5pm



Closed Temporarily 


Closed Sundays and Holidays


If you have lost a pet you must come in during business hours to see if your pet is here.  It is the reponsibility of the owner to check daily for your pet. 


Columbia County, Florida, Code of Ordinances

18-75(b)Stray/Nuisance Animals

Holding Period


If a stray animal is not claimed by owner within 3 working days(except legal holidays)

animal shall become the property of the Lake City Humane Society's Animal Control Division. 


Any owner of a stray animal that has been impounded shall be entitled to have the animal returned to him/her after all impounding fees have been paid in cash or by debit or credit card with proof of current rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian.